Personal Credit Repair

At Lion Fortress Credit, we take pride in working with you to improve your personal creditworthiness. While you could go through the process of repairing or building your credit on your own, we believe that it can be a huge advantage to have a credit expert walking along beside you on this journey. While each case is different, and we can’t guarantee results or specific outcomes, we do believe that our expertise can help you to achieve a better credit score!

Two Great Credit Repair Program Options

Let us help to match you with the program that is the best fit for your specific situation.

Basic Credit Repair

This program focuses on two objectives: building personal credit into a strong credit profile and customized disputing to the credit bureaus to remove negative items from the credit reports. Debt validation, goodwill letters, debt settlement consultations, cease/desist letters, and Statute of Limitations info are no extra cost. Typically, you will see significant results of improvement in 30-45 days in this program because we tackle all of your credit issues early on and all simultaneously. Each client receives specific resources and strategies for credit building in this program.

Extreme Credit Repair

This program has the same two objectives and overall characteristics as the Basic Credit Repair program. It focuses on disputing and removing Bankruptcies from your credit reports. Identity Theft issues are also addressed and resolved in this program. If you believe someone has stolen your identity, then this is the program for you.


Please call us for specific pricing of all programs.

We offer a couple’s discount of half-off for a significant other that you currently live with.

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