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Credit Repair and Credit Building

If your credit score is less than perfect, you know it can be hard to get a loan or even rent an apartment.

Getting your credit in shape can take months or years of hard work and sacrifice. We understand that’s not always possible for everyone. That’s why we offer fast-track services to help you improve your score quickly so you can move on with your life!

We have helped people improve their bad credit scores and we are confident we can do the same for you! Our experienced team will help guide you through each step of the process while helping to alleviate any stress along the way. With Lion Fortress Credit’s guidance, anyone can reach their full potential when it comes to building good credit scores.

Lion Fortress Credit Testimonials

Testimonials on this site are from actual clients, but they may have been offered a small monetary incentive for providing a testimonial to Lion Fortress Credit.

As a financial planner of over 25 years and the owner of Performance Tax Planners, I have personally seen what the great work of Lion Fortress Credit can do for both individuals and business owners.  At a time when personal credit and business credit have been at the mercy of our changing economy and unstable employment environment, it is critical to prevent and repair damage that has been done to our credit ratings.  If you are in need of personal credit, professional credit or business funding help, I personally know, without a doubt, that the attention and care provided by Lion Fortress Credit will put you back on the right track.

– Kathryn L.

Kathryn L.

Lion Fortress Credit has been extremely helpful in not only educating me on how to build good credit, but also fought to have certain discrepancies and old information removed from my credit reporting which has helped my credit score go up more rapidly than I ever thought possible. The prices are fair and they worked with me until my credit goals were met! Thanks LFC

– Josh B.

Josh B.

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The Process

Step One: Sign Up

Getting started is just a click away. Just complete the simple form with your identity and your login info for experian.com.

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Step Two: Consultation & Overview

After we analyze your credit reports on experian.com, we schedule a call with you to outline the detailed steps required to improve your credit profile. We will also help you identify which of our credit programs best suits your needs.

Step Three: Disputes & Credit Building

At this step, we update your information with the credit bureaus. We also formally request each of the three credit bureaus to remove any negative items that are eligible for removal from your report. Additionally, we request each credit bureau to add all eligible positive items to your credit report.

It is very important that you have a strong credit profile and a good mix of credit. In order to get any type of significant funding, a lender will look to see if you have a strong mix of credit and that you are using it well. We will help you with the specific resources and strategies so that you will have success.

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Step Four: Consultation & Review

We schedule a second consultation call to review your program progress. During this time, we determine if any additional actions are required to improve your credit score. We also review your progress to get funding.

Step Five: Completion

Upon completing our program, you become part of the Lion Fortress Credit alumni and family. You will also receive an invitation to join our Affiliate program, where you can refer others to our credit services and earn rewards.

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Begin Your Journey To Stronger Credit Today!